The 3 Best Fashion Dressup Games Around

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The 3 Best Fashion Dressup Games Around

Every child loves to play dress up at some point in their lives. From becoming a pirate princess or heroic firefighter to dressing up your dolls in the latest fashions. The simple joy it brings to your heart is incomparable.

Much like the sense of anticipation you get when considering heading to the casino as you get older, being able to log in to discover new clothes for your character is a thrill in its own right. While dressing up ourselves is plenty of fun, for those looking for a brief and enjoyable game to play on the go, these are the three best fashion games to be found online.

·        Covet Fashion

Any dress-up fan would do well to head to the number one online game on iOS and Android. Covet Fashion takes dressing up to the next level, as the character you pick is entirely customizable, from hair and skin to eyes and nails, your character can be created 100% as you like. The dress-up features are inspired by real-life brands and items, and you can have a super fashionable character if you play your cards right.

There are themed challenges available to players, where in-game currency can be won, or you can earn some super rare clothing items. Players vote on each other entries and winners are then chosen based on the ratings received.

Join a fashion house to be able to socialize with players from around the world, and to stand the chance to gain additional specialized and rare clothing items. New items are added all the time, and seasonal wardrobe options are added at each new season.

·        Love Nikki – Dress Up Queen

An enchanting game to play, with beautiful animations and some incredible wardrobe options, make Love Nikki a beloved favorite for players around the world. You have the chance to go on an incredible RPG story adventure with Nikki and her companions, while using fashionable dress-up as a way to level up and defeat opponents.

This in turn is what advances the enthralling storyline. You have to craft specific fashion pieces to progress in the game and there are hundreds of themed suits to be created, complete with hair, makeup, background details, and accessories.

There’s plenty to love here, including the lore and mythical creatures that inhabit the world. Dress-up features heavily when you join guilds, enter competitions, take part in arena challenges, and more. There are regular themed events included in the gameplay and the ability for players to enter into a style gallery and save up to four favorite looks.

While the game’s animation makes it seem youth friendly, the storyline does take a few unexpectedly dark turns and twists (including **Spoiler** a main companion of Nikki’s passing away). However, this element only adds to the fascinating world-building the game provides for older players. There are different kingdoms within the world such as Pigeon, which draws inspiration from medieval Europe, Cloud which includes traditional Chinese elements, and Apple which offers a modern American-styled wardrobe.

Wasteland and Ruin are two different nations that aren’t as prominent but still have interesting outfits available, from the Bohemian style of Wasteland to the futuristic Cyberpunk elements of Ruin. This game truly has something for everyone. It can be played on Android and iOS as well as most laptops (PC and Mac). It’s said to be available soon on other platforms like PlayStation.

·        Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Any Kardashian fan will already know and enjoy this dress-up game since many of the fashion items in the game are owned by Ms. Kardashian herself. The RPG-style story follows you as an assistant to Kim K before you work your way up to become a star in your own right.

The story is fun, the clothing is beautiful and there are plenty of fashionable items that unlock as you begin to level up your character which makes you want to keep progressing. Customizing your character keeps the game enjoyable and the glitz, glamour, and unique game quirks ensure it’s playable for a long, long time for Kardashian fans. Like the best online pokies, this game is available online via Android and iOS.

While dress-up games may not be for everyone, the ones listed above are fun ways to pass the time and have additional story elements that make them instantly enticing to play. The ability to create customized looks and interact with other players around the world keeps things feeling fresh.