How to Drink like a Boss and Not Embarrass Yourself when Partying

It happens even to the best party animals. You are there sipping your drink and liberating your mind and freeing those senses when it finally hits you. Everything good about the party changes completely and becomes terrible. You get a familiar feeling in your gut and rush to the loo and have to puke everything you have eaten or drunk during the night. If you have been there, you know how terrible that feeling can get. The following are a few tips that will help you ensure that you have a fun night and that you do not embarrass yourself at the club:

Drink as much Water as You Can

It is important that you remember to alternate between water and drinks. It ensures that you are hydrated and that you do not get nauseated. Try not to chug liters of water at a go because you may barf a projectile at a friend’s face. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you drink a glass of water before, during and after a drink.

Limit How may Drinks to Take in An Hour

Pace yourself. Do not drink too much too fast. The problem with drinking is that you suffer from short term memory loss so you may not easily keep a record track of the number of drinks you take in an hour. Therefore, make sure that you put a reminder on your phone that will tell you when to order a new drink. This is also a great way to save money and ensure that you have enough to last you the entire night. With time, your body will be more accustomed to drinking only a few drinks per hour so your body will hold everything down. You can pass time between drinks by dancing and chatting with friends.

Eat During and Before You Start Drinking

Ensure that you line your stomach with carbs like rice, bread and pasta. You may also want to sparingly eat some fatty foods before you start drinking. A great and highly recommended combo is the eggs, avocado and salmon. They slow your system down and keep it from absorbing too much alcohol. This ensures that your body is working optimally and that your digestive system is great. You will therefore be chatting, dancing and being a boss rather than drooling all over and being a mess.

Use some Antacids before You Start Drinking

Did you know that are great for an abused stomach? They are perfect for a night out because they reduce acidity and will help you feel great. You are less likely to feel heartburn or puke when you take antacids a couple of hours before you start drinking. When you are wearing silver rings for women like a boss, you do not need to drink like an amateur. 


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