Mind-Blowing Short Wavy Hairstyles for 2019

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Mind-Blowing Short Wavy Hairstyles for 2019

It is without a doubt short wavy hairstyles are seriously on-trend right now. Red-carpet regulars such as Jennifer Lawrence are rocking it, and we cannot hide our admiration for her haircut. Whether your hair is typically wavy or not, there are various modifications you can do to suit your style. See here for more information

By using the right hair product, curling iron, and hair straightener, you are just a few steps away to achieving one of the modest and stylish styles. Choose one from these short wavy hairstyles and make it your signature. Here are 5 sexy short wavy hairstyles totally trending right now

1. Short Wavy Bob.

The way you style your hair plays a crucial role in determining the type of wavy bob you are going to get. Also, note that different hair thickness requires a different layering technique. For fine hair, you can incorporate light layers all over the tips of your hair, to get a bedhead look. Further, style it with deep parting for more drama, and then spritz the base using sea salt to amp your waves.

2.Medium Wavy Bob.

This is one of the short wavy hairstyles that is easy to style. For women with naturally wavy hair, all you need to use is a brush and a wide-toothed comb. If your curls don’t have a lot of movement, use sea salt spray when the hair is wet and then blow dry it while holding it upside down to enhance more volume. When drying the hair, scrunch the roots using your hands to improve waves in your hair.

3. Long Wavy Bob.

This is termed as modern and relaxed bob. To achieve this cool vibe, we recommend maintaining every aspect of the hair as casual as possible. You should utilise hair straightener on the already cleaned hair and then curl some portions of the hair beginning from your ears downwards to achieve a natural look. Complete the look with hairspray and scrunch the hair with your fingers to create a shaggy look. The outcome is pretty on-trend and ridiculously fashionable.

4. Wavy Bob and Side Bangs.

Many people believe that side bangs and wavy bobs are inseparable and make you more feminine than normal. That is not far from the truth, and the side bangs make this short wavy bob ideal for modern women. To create this stunning look, let your bob drop to the shoulder length, rather than keeping it shorter. By doing so, the side bangs will complement superbly with the rest of the hair, making this hairstyle beautiful and soft.

4. Wavy Pixie Cut.

You can tailor the pixie cut to look the way you want it to be. The haircut is short all over but longer in the front. You can either opt for bedhead look or go for something sleek and complicated. Wavy pixie cuts are some of the trendiest short wavy hairstyles this year.