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The Need of Hiring an Electrician in Your Home

There is a hidden danger that can be experienced in your home, the magnitude and severity of the danger is far beyond the dangers that can be detected by your security system or dogs, this danger is an electrical fire. At least 51000 electrical fires are experienced annually leaving close to 500 people dead and causing loss of property costing more than 1.4M dollars. Despite the magnitude of danger caused by the electrical fires, the good news is that they can be prevented.

In this article, we are going to look at the major causes of electrical fires and how they can be prevented. The major reasons for electrical fires in homes of old wiring, you should ensure that you renew the electrical codes in your home constantly. Old wiring also cannot support many appliances connected to it, this will overload the system. Another cause of fires is if the wiring is faulty, this happens when there are trips in your breaker after a simultaneous connection of your microwave and toaster. Another major cause of electrical fires is faulty appliances which have been recorded that over the past 7 years they have been the reasons behind the fires in houses. Always make sure that the appliances are connected to circuits which are not overloaded and you can also consider installing ground-fault circuit indicator outlet which detects an imbalance between the incoming and outgoing currents. You can also take the maintenance agreement receipts when purchasing an electrical appliance, this will make the dealers conduct annual inspection in your home.

The other cause of electrical fires is extension cords, cheap cords are likely to cause a fire as they are often made of thin copper wires, misuse of the cords like plugging in electrical appliances can also lead to fire outbreaks. Another reason for electrical fires is cheap extension cords and misuse of the cords, the cheap extension cords are made of thin copper wires which are not safe. When close to flammable items, space heater can cause fire and according to the National Fire Protection Agency, about 43{8035239caf87c1406aa2affcc8b5ec9371d0b1c2c47313ad14476693f6b79894} of fires are caused by space heater. The other a space heater can cause fire is when it is plugged into an extension cord, this is because an extension cannot handle so much power.

The other major reason for electrical fires is when an outlet is not fixed properly or when wires are not properly put together. The other cause of electrical fires is the lighting fixtures, should you want to install a bulb or lamp, check the wattage and avoid installing the bulb if the wattage is beyond the wattage that is recommended.

You should purchase a fire extinguisher in your home, it can be very handy during electrical fires. The most effective way to prevent these fires is hiring an electrician.