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8 Lessons Learned:

A Guide to Improving the Air Quality inside Your House

Pollution of the atmosphere has led to circulation of non pure air thus making the air uncomfortable to breath in. Appliances air fresheners are some but a few products that we use in our daily basis that pollutes the air that we breath in. Consider the below factors if you need to improve the quality of air you breath around your house.

There are some house plants that clean the air around thus you should consider planting such plants in your home to clean the air around. Flowers and plants are some of air recyclers you can keep in your house whereby you can start with some few flowers then add plants later on. Not only will you be cleaning your house but you will be decorating your house to enhance its appearance thus making the house conducive to work when you are working from home. You should first research the best plants to help clean the air in your house or seek an expert to recommend you the right plants to get to help improve the air in your home.

Ensure you change your homes air conditioner filter more often to prevent dirt from accumulating in it thus contributing to the pollution of air in your home. To ensure that all the clogged dust that has accumulated in the air conditioner in your home does not get back into the room then you should ensure that you frequently clean the air conditioner filter. Also, you should ensure your air conditioner is serviced regularly since you never know if the equipment is a contributor of the air pollution around your home if it has a malfunction thus releasing dust back into the house.

Aerosols will tend to make your home smell good but are great pollutants of air in your house due to the chemicals released to the atmosphere from them thus you should avoid using them. Always open windows to allow for air circulation when you decide to use aerosols product to make your house smell good so that the chemicals released can flow outside and not remain hanging in the atmosphere. Similarly, there are better aerosols that you can use that do not endanger the air around and the environment.

Finally, shoes are main source of dust carries and in order to ensure you don’t bring lots of dust in the house you will need to be leaving your shoes outside the house. Breathing fresh air in your home will greatly depend on you and so you can avoid the dirt that increases in the air in your home by leaving behind shoes you wore outside before entering the house.